What is an API?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. APIs provide an easy interface that connects different systems to make them work together. This could be form fields, data sets, or more. As a result, when you do something in one system the data is replicated and updated in another that is linked to the system

Import and sync data between applications

With our API, we make it easy to sync data between your web apps and allows you to swiftly import contacts from other software such as Outlook, Gmail, and in CSV format.

Customize Notifications

Easy integration

Our CRM API version 4.0 RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API enables you to make requests to Create, Read, Update and Delete data.

The API v4.0 accepts requests in JSON format.
Whether you’re looking to incorporate your CRM into your existing process, or implement a simple, basic CRM system, or import contacts from your excel or CSV formatted files, or automatically sync data with other systems, our API makes this easy.

The functionality will allow CRM users, web developers and software providers to integrate their applications directly into the Relotis CRM.



Simple to understand, easy to use, get up and running in minutes.
Unclog your sales pipeline!

Clean Minimal Dashboard

Increase your team's productivity, via a simple, clean dashboard. Track your close rate, reward top producers, unclog your sales pipeline.

Sales Tracking
Email Integration
Opportunity Management

Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management via a simple interface. View lead activity, Sales journey, and opportunity owner activity.

24 / 7 Support
Configuration Services

Forecast collaboratively with your team. Identify bottlenecks, deal stages, contact activity from initiation, analysis, proposal, negotiation and close.

Real time Insights
Lead Management