Frequently Asked Questions about Relotis CRM

Stop paying for features you don't need, your CRM should work for you, not the other way around.
Focus on your business, not endless data entry.

Support, FAQ

Our support is straightforward. Here you'll find answers to questions and more. We will resolve your questions and not try to
cross-sell you stuff you don't need.

How do I add users?

Click on Team

Click on "Add User" Icon on top right

Add team member information


How do I delete a user?
How does a user log in?
How does a user log out?
How do I enter Sales Forecasts?

Log into Relotis CRM

Go to Opportunities

Enter your Forecast Target 

Note: Admin Owner must approve targets

How do I view Sales Activity?
How do I edit Forecasts?
How do I view Leads?
How do users enter their Sales?

Click on Opportunities

Clicl on Create New Opportunity Icon (Star Icon Top Right)

Add details

Can users edit their sales data?
How about Team Performance?
Can I reassign Leads?


Simple to understand, easy to use, get up and running in minutes.
Unclog your sales pipeline!

Clean Minimal Dashboard

Increase your team's productivity, via a simple, clean dashboard. Track your close rate, reward top producers, unclog your sales pipeline.

Sales Tracking
Email Integration
Deal Document Management
Opportunity Management

Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management via a simple interface. View lead activity, Sales journey, and opportunity owner activity.

24 / 7 Support
Configuration Services
Team Collaboration

Forecast collaboratively with your team. Identify bottlenecks, deal stages, contact activity from initiation, analysis, proposal, negotiation and close.

Real time Insights
Lead Management
Network with Other Businesses

3 reasons You Should Use Relotis CRM

There are many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for different types of businesses. Three reasons to use Relotis CRM vs bigger and more complex brands are;

Simple and minimal

Sales professionals prefer selling, not endless data entry. Relotis CRM keeps you focused and eliminates distractions commonly seen in complex CRM systems.

one plan for all

No sneaky multi-tiered plans that sell you additional features you will never use. All users enjoy the same features, support, and software application upgrades.

immediate roi

Most CRM systems cost too much time and money to implement. Deploy Relotis in a few hours, and start reaping the benefits within a month.

Zero Caveats Pricing

One price, unlimited users, PERIOD! Stop paying for features you will never use.


$127/ Mo
Unlimited Users
Full CRM SUite
24/7 Support
Track Leads and Opportunities
Track Your Sales Pipeline
Track Team Performance
Track Contact Activity
Track Deal Stages
Identify Sales Bottlenecks

Unclog your sales pipeline
Get Relotis CRM